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Rooms & Suites

Whichever option you choose from Imaret’s room and suites you’ll encounter an elegance and style not easily found elsewhere.

Overlooking the lead domes of the monument or our beautiful and peaceful gardens, the details and décor breathe charm and serenity.

Imaret Restaurant

Breakfast, light lunch, dinner or just afternoon tea... It’s all here.

Whenever you require nourishment for both body and soul, Imaret’s restaurant awaits, serving delectable dishes crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Imaret Radio

Wherever you are enter to our world, by listening to our musical selections.

imaret’s Radio plays selected music for you 24/7… Feel as if you are with us listening to what we are listening too


Enjoy classic cocktail creations and carefully selected labels of premium spirits and wines.

From the first coffee to the last nightcap, our chic glass terrace offers the most stunning view of the sea and the city, keeping an atmosphere that is both bustling and relaxing.


Experience the unique benefits of the traditional hammam.

A truly holistic homage to the abiding capacity of ancient techniques for rejuvenating and pamper your body and your soul.

Imaret Online Shop


A complete collection of products that complete the experience of Imaret.


Place yourself in expert hands and savor a unique massage and body treatment.

In Imaret’s spa, every remedy has been conceived to ensure that time spent here is a moment of perfect euphoria. Take a few laps in our water garden pool, or in our hidden cistern, follow a personalized facial program.

Careers at Imaret

As a member of the imaret team you are the most important asset to the commitment of the high value services we offer to our clients.

We want people in our team who are willing to continuously learn and set high goals for their professional growth . Send all we need to know about you and the reason you want to join our team.