Maive Suite

Situated on the second level of our big courtyard overlooking the harbour and the city of Kavala, Maive features a groined-vault and an impressive fireplace in both the bedroom and the sitting area. The open closets are made of solid wood. In the first bathroom, located next to the bedroom area, the old marble basin matches perfectly the bathtub of off-white solid marble bathtub in the base of the marble jambs. Additionally, in the second bathroom, the undercut mosaic bathtub matches perfectly the copper washbasin. The WC is separate with a small marble basin on the wall.

57 m2

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Imaret's History Nuggets

The two Medreses had a total of 61 cells or rooms for students, 25 on the first and 36 on the second floor.  They provided accommodation for up to 300 boarding students, all of whom were provided free room and board.  

The students were enrolled at an early age and could stay for many years.  During their studies they were also given a small allowance to meet their personal expenses and exempted from military service.