Season of Wellness

Enjoy the benefit of Imaret’s complete wellness proposal

Start your journey with a cleansing treatment for the body and mind.
Enjoy a long cleansing bath with authentic techniques that recreate the original 18th century urban hammam. Handcrafted soaps of pure olive oil, rose and ash, accompanied by almond powder, myrrh and rose water will soothe and detoxify your skin, calm and relax your spirit. The treatment is completed with the beneficial ancient reflexology foot treatment that promotes overall health and relieves stress.

Continue the journey with a grounding formation that will make you feel more connected to your body and the environment, leaving you with a sense of inner peace and stability. Indulge in Imaret's signature body massage therapy combined with a special facial treatment and feel the balm of energy and relaxation.

Finish your wellness journey with a thai massage. Thai is a traditional healing practice that has been used for over 2,500 years. The treatment is carried out on a mattress positioned on the floor and with loose clothing for maximum comfort. The ancient TAI massage method is based on the 10 basic "energy lines" (sen sib) that run through our body. Any blockage in these lines affects the body's energy flow causing a problem in the smooth and proper functioning of the body. Direct pressure on specific points reminiscent of Chinese acupuncture and yoga-like stretching techniques offer multiple benefits to the body and mind by improving circulation, increasing flexibility and relieving muscle tension and pain. The perfect treatment to refresh and prepare you for your trip back home.

Exclusive wellness journey only when booking direct

700 euro per person

Water Garden Suite

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