Merging a 19th-century school with hospitality creates the ideal setting for savoring the joys of tranquility and the beauty of serenity. Gracefully restored with all the modern comforts and necessary technology, this twenty-four accommodation hideaway, overlooks the port of Kavala. Imaret’s philosophy is not so much that of a hotel’s, as it is of a home, with devoted hosts dedicated to their guests.

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A timeless getaway

Uniquely designed and decorated, rooms and suites lie beneath the graceful domes of the original construction, surrounding three thousand square meters of inner gardens and marble arcades reflecting the charm of an original Islamic garden set in the past.

A memorable stay


Stay Safe at Imaret?

A Private Oasis

Imaret is the ideal getaway for guests seeking peace, seclusion, privacy, quality service and strict hygiene. In order to ensure safety during these difficult times, we have created the ultimate care package for our guests, including fresh meals and on premises events.

Our Jewellery Collection

Precious accessories chic and elegant take over the Imaret with Constantinos Jewellers stunning collection.

A taste of Imaret?

In Imaret we celebrate the fresh ingredients and powerful flavors of the Anatolian cuisine. Meals are curated from 200 neighboring monastery and family recipes with fresh salads and seasonal desserts served at the place of your choosing. We strive for our ingredients to come from the nearest possible distances and for our tastes to match seasonal production by fully respecting the balance of nature.

Le Chat Noir Imaret

The “Chat Noir” situated underneath a glass façade, which allows the interior to blend unexpectedly with the luminosity of a unique Mediterranean scenery, is an ideal setting for a refreshing drink or an intimate dining experience.

Imaret's Lounge

You can spend many hours a day in Imaret’s Bar. The library features a wide selection of history books, while a big selection of famous whiskeys, cognacs and malts is served. Cocktail creations and refreshing French champagne create the arty spirit that lingers in this unique hotel.

The art of entertaining

Luxurious reception hall, the finest in tableware, lush gardens, private arcades, world-class cuisine, Imaret Hotel has raised the art of event planning to perfection.

Tailor Made Events


Relaxation Treatments

Our original hamam and the impressive hidden cistern are part of Imaret’s legend. A blend of excellence and absolute well-being opens the doors of its alcoves for treatments with unrivalled relaxation benefits.

At Imaret’s relaxation areas, every treatment and experience is a feast for the senses. Sounds and scents interact to help restore harmony to body and spirit.

Masterful techniques and highly advanced skin care treatments, offer a moment of pure bliss and relaxation.

Come visit us to experience made-to-measure wellness, deliciously indulgent treatments and much more.

Marry me at Imaret

It will be a special day…..Very special.

What would Imaret be without them!

Imaret Lalique
L’Alique the President
Imaret - Chateaux "The complainer"
Chateaux the complainer
Imaret - Thodora "The Turtle"
Thodora the turtle
Imaret - Lukas "The hugger"
Lukas the hugger
Imaret Hotel