Water Garden Suite

These exceptional Suites are situated in the square garden with the fountain-swimming pool in its center, overlooking both the sea and the garden. The king-size bed is placed underneath the groined-vault, while the dinning area is placed inside a wooden structure (the original student’s sleeping place). You can enjoy the sitting area, where the two divans stretch on either sides of the fireplace. The spacious bathroom features a fireplace and two massif marble bathtubs in front of the windows overlooking the sea. A bath filled with rose petals, essential oils, milk, honey and herbs can be prepared for your relaxation.

65 m2

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Imaret's History Nuggets

No where is Mohamed Ali’s interest in the town of his birth more apparent, than with the magnificent complex (Külliye) of charitable buildings he began constructing in 1813.

Located below the fortress in the lower walled city, in its final form this complex included two Medreses (higher level colleges), one which taught the traditional Islamic sciences, and one known as the Mühendishane, or College of Engineering, in which were taught the modern sciences and mathematics.

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