Treasure Suite

The room is situated in the upper level of the square garden, just in front of the sheltered verandah. Entering, we find ourselves in the living room with the divan and the fireplace overlooking the sea. In the bathroom underneath the groined-vault lies an octagonal marble bathtub while the copper washbasin has been embodied in an old piece of furniture. The attic, restored in the location of the original one, accommodates the bedroom.

50 m2

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Imaret's History Nuggets

The second Medrese is one of the earliest examples of a western style technical school constructed in the Ottoman Empire and is a reflection of the program of modernization and westernization which Mohamed Ali was simultaneously enacting in Egypt. There are indications (as yet not fully explored) that this school may also have included a printing press. When one considers that this school, together with similar Mühendishanes in Cairo and İstanbul, was one of the earliest western style schools providing secular education in the Ottoman Empire, the importance which Mehmed Ali attached to the small town of his birth becomes even clearer.

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