Treasure Room

These rooms are situated in the rectangular garden with the big fountain-swimming pool in the middle. In the bedroom area, the attic above the bed was restored to its original form. The rooms feature a large fireplace and from the armchair by the window our guest can enjoy the view to the big garden. The bathroom overlooking the orange garden features a dome with its original plaster to preserve the old phrase from the Koran. The marble bathtubs match the wooden floors. The WC is separate.

32 m2

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Imaret's History Nuggets

During the first decades of its operation the school seems to have been administered by various family members of Mohamed Ali who resided in Kavala.  However, when in 1851 the Central Vakıf Administration was established in Egypt, it began to take an interest in the Kavala Külliye and shortly thereafter an Egyptian Bey was dispatched to serve as both the Governor of the island of Thasos and as Administrator of the Kavala Pious Foundation.  He was supported by a chief secretary, an accountant and a finance officer, together with secretaries who dealt specifically with correspondence in Greek and Ottoman Turkish.  Toward the end of the nineteenth century a secretary for Arabic correspondence and a registrar were added to the administrative personnel of the Foundation.

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