As any president who respects himself, L’Alique takes his duty very seriously. Being a leader needs sacrifice and he has done just that by sacrificing his nature of being a man’s best friend and turning into our boss.

You will definitely stumble upon Chateaux and his complaining during your visit. When you do, please bare in mind that he is always right!

You will find her sleeping in the old fount on the top level of the Orange Garden. When awake, she follows the tours of the monument patiently and waits for questions that might arise by her guests.

Anyone wants a hug? If yes then Lukas will be more than happy to oblige with his company and purring. In any case he will be possibly accompanying you to your room upon arrival, so meeting him cannot be avoided.

One of the fastest turtles you will ever meet. She loves eating our plants as well as running after the cats and ruining their meditation!

He will choose which party to join, honoring them with his presence. Then again, if there is food involved he will join you non the less.

Imaret Hotel