Having as absolute priority the health and safety of our guests and employees, we have modified the procedures of check in and welcoming. We kindly ask you to inform us of your exact arrival time, allergies to food and detergents as well as any important remarks essential to your comfort. 

We look forward to welcoming you in our safe environment.

Each room remains vacant at least 24 hours prior to your arrival
Protective masks and gloves for all our employees
Regular temperature checks of all employees upon entering the premises
Air-Conditioning system operating through water circuit recycling only the air of each room separately

Oxygen is the key substance for all life processes of the human body. You can increase your well-being, your vitality and your performance. Oxygen therapy can help relieve discomfort, prevent illness or aid in healing.

Stress, lack of exercise, environmental toxins, diseases and increasing age lower the oxygen content in the blood. Already from the age of 40, the oxygen intake through the lungs begins to decrease, thereby reducing the oxygen concentration in the blood, and all body functions must work with this reduced supply of oxygen. The consequences range from a decrease in the ability to concentrate to heart attack and carcinogenesis.


Current needs and demanding lifestyles insist on a new type of therapy, by infusing nutrients and refreshing substances into the bloodstream, which we all need on a daily basis in order to feel healthy and well. As a result, this method offers 100% absorption of the elements needed by our body in only a few minutes, as well as effective and continuous action.

This results in rapid healing and rehabilitation without wasting time, which is exactly what modern people need.

Imaret Hotel