Hiourem Suite

Situated in the garden with the big fountain, its living room features an exceptional wooden construction and offers a view to the square garden with the fountain-pool. In the bathroom with the groined-vault, the mosaic cistern is located in front of the window overlooking the orange garden. In the wooden bench, the deep cooper basin seems to have just been left there. The WC is separate. In the bedroom underneath the dome with a huge hand-made chandelier lies the bed overlooking the triangular orange trees courtyard.

50 m2

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Imaret's History Nuggets

As classrooms the complex also included two Dershanes or study halls and a Kütüphane (Library).  For younger students the complex had a Mekteb (a Koran school where instruction in reading, writing and basic mathematics was provided).  While we know little about the actual instruction provided in these schools, a record from 1859 indicates that the faculty included three professors who were teaching History, Mathematics, Geography, Arabic and Poetry.







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