Dome Room Sea View

Situated in the inner triangular orange garden, the rooms offer a view to the harbor of Kavala. In the first cell, underneath the dome with the skylight lies the bed between the alcoves, where two Egyptian lanterns suspend warming the atmosphere with their flickering light. Entering the second cell, we come into a small breakfast room with an open marble cistern. In the separate WC the bronze washbasin is handmade.

27 m2

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Imaret's History Nuggets

With the passage of time, due largely to inflation and frequent currency devaluations, the charitable and educational purposes of the foundation declined.  Surviving records indicate that despite its ever-dwindling revenues its medreses (colleges) continued to function as late as 1902, and the İmaret (Soup Kitchen) was still providing free meals as late as 1923.  After the Lausanne Treaty and the exchange of population agreement between Greece and Turkey, the complex was used to house Greek refugees from Asia Minor from 1927 thru 1960.

Imaret Hotel