The dinning room is situated underneath a glass facade, allowing the interior to blend unexpectedly with the luminosity of the Mediterranean scenery. It is an ideal setting for an intimate candlelight dinner when the weather pemits. When the temperature drops, the dining room moves into the warmth of the fireplace room.

For your meals, we collect a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits from the local market, while organically grown cereals come from neighboring farmers. We daily buy seafood from Kavala’s famous fish market and the meat comes exclusively from a small producer in the mountain range of Rodopi. With a little help from the Greek land, Imaret celebrates the warmth of the traditional Greek culinary habits: seasonal, social and sustainable.

Arrange a special tailormade meal with our chef, served in a private spot of our impressive inner courts where a heaven of flower scents, candlelight and sounds of running water create a unique dining context.

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