The dinning room situated underneath a glass facade, which allows the interior to blend unexpectedly with the luminosity of the Mediterranean scenery, is an ideal setting for an intimate candlelight dinner when the weather pemits.

When the mercury drops, the dining room moves into the warmth of the fireplace room.

Our fine proposals are based on regional and Mediterranean cuisine with salads, vegetables, fruits and herbs coming fresh and are relying on the season’s “sodia”

The Greek word “Sodia” (crop) comes from the ancient Greek word for harvest, meaning the collection of agricultural products and their concentration in one place. In our local tradition of homemade food, components are cultivated in gardens or farms, bred in forests or gathered directly from the sea, transformed from simple kitchen ingredients to deliciously cooked dishes for family and friends.

“Sodia” finds it’s inspiration in this tradition, drawing the best local elements by farmers and fishermen of Macedonia and Thrace. With a little help from the Greek land, “Sodia” celebrates the warmth of the traditional Greek culinary habits: seasonal, social and sustainable.

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