The Chat Noir Bar, underneath a spectacular glass canopy that transforms this space from winter garden to sunlit patio whenever the weather permits.

Linger over a café crème, enjoy a crispy salad for lunch, savour a pastry or give into the childhood pleasure of an ice cream; share a dozen canapés  with your aperitif, or stop in for a champagne anytime. The pleasure of dining at Imaret at any hour, day or night.


Le Chat Noir Bar                    08:00 – 01:00                     DOWNLOAD THE MENU

Imaret's History Nuggets

Le Chat Noir was a nineteenth-century entertainment establishment, in the bohemian Montmartre district of Paris opened by Louis Rodolphe Sallis on 18 November 1881.  

Le Chat Noir is thought to be the first modern cabaret: a nightclub where the patrons sat at tables and drank alcoholic beverages while being entertained by a variety show on stage.

Perhaps best known now by its iconic Théophile Steinlen poster art.

From 1892 to 1895 the cabaret published a weekly magazine with the same name, featuring literary writings, news from the cabaret and Montmartre, poetry, and political satire.

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